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Woburn Court, Bernard St. W1

External Repair and Redecoration


Dorrington Developments Ltd


3 months




R&S (UK) Ltd

Blakeney Leigh were initially commissioned to carry out a survey and prepare a 10-year maintenance plan for the freeholder and leaseholders of a block of mansion flats built in the height of the Art Deco period in 1930.

Following successful adoption of our plan, we were further requested to prepare a specification for urgent works to the building tailored to meet the residents’ expectations and to address their concerns following previous poor experiences with contractors.

The building works will be supervised by Blakeney Leigh and include a high degree of resident engagement and collaboration.

• Multiple stakeholder consultation and engagement

• Management of main and sub-contractors

• External repairs, redecoration, concrete and asphalt repairs

• All works carried out with residents in occupation

Services Provided

Building Surveyor

CDM – Principal Designer

Clerk of Works

Employers Agent