Social Housing

Social housing has been at the forefront of our business activity for over 20 years. During that time, we’ve worked with a vast array of social housing providers – from the very large to the considerably smaller. 

We’ve been lucky enough to be involved in a very broad spectrum of social housing works - from maintenance inspections and expert witness reports to large scale Decent Homes programmes and refurbishment projects.

Whatever what the size of your organisation, however, big or small the required works are, you can be certain of receiving a first-rate service from our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team.


Stacey's Smiles will grant wishes and organise special treats for Neuroblastoma Children. These wishes and treats will create the ultimate treasured memory for Neuroblastoma Families. It is a proven medical fact that when Neuroblastoma Cancer Children are happy, their bodies are more acceptable to harsh medical treatments.