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As a residential managing agent, you face a unique set of challenges; you need a property consultancy that understands your sector and delivers a bespoke service to help you overcome them.  

Blakeney Leigh has been acting for residential managing agents for 10 years. We have a thorough knowledge of the landlord and tenant relationship and Section 20 requirements in particular, so we fully appreciate what is required over and above the works themselves.

Residents invariably fund the works, and are the parties most affected by them. We appreciate how important it is in these circumstances that the work we carry out is high quality, cost-effective and timely, and undertaken in a sensitive and considerate way. We employ a full-time Residents Liaison Manager to keep residents fully informed of what’s happening and to deal with any of their concerns, allowing our surveyors to concentrate on the task in hand.

Our surveyors are well aware that the funding for works invariably comes from the residents own pockets so are focused on value for money, quality of work and ensuring all necessary works are specified and carried out during the programme.




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